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Little Tokyo Adventures

There's been a lot of talk about the best Japanese restaurants in the metro, and by far the one place that everyone seems to be recommending is Izakaya Kikufuji. It's situated in a little complex in Makati known as Little Tokyo along Chino Roces. The area around it is pretty neat, especially at night and really has the crowded open air feel that Tokyo has. We were kinda early for our reservation (yes, I'd recommend reserving a table if you don't want to wait a while because the place is pretty hectic) so we took photos around the area first.

There's something about Japanese architecture that always screams "FIIIIILLM" to me. It's like whenever I take photos of anything Japanese it always has to have this sorta film vibe.

We ordered the Spicy Salmon Tempura Flakes & Mayo and it definitely was more than enough for one person. I'd rate it 10/10. It was lit.

We also got two sticks of Gyu Kushi (Wagyu Beef Cubes) each with a bowl of rice (yas Japanese rice is bae). The beef cubes tasted good, but the texture was something I wasn't really expecting. It was very soft and had a bit out bounce to it. I'll give it a 7/10.

Oh and mixing the spices and the salt together to make a dip for the beef made it sooo much better. I really like the spicy/salty mix of flavors so I'd recommend it.

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