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Katipunan Exploring

There's this big avenue that separates the university that I attend and the one that my friend Hikaru (you can find here work here) goes to. I met Hikaru back in 2015 through Instagram and we've gone on a couple of shoots together. Since I work at a place in front of her university, I thought that it would be fun if we could shoot after if got off work. And so we did. This is that shoot.

I met up with Hikaru and Toots (one of her friends who used to go to my high school) and we shot some stuff around the back alleys of Katipunan. The first place we went to was this apartment complex which left its gate open. I'm pretty sure we were borderline trespassing at some point, but the pics were nice so #worth.

We then stopped by this novelty store that smelled really nice. It had really nice warm tones and cool decor.

For the last stop of our mini adventure, we found a really nice white neon light to shoot in front of. It was really bright and I asked Toots to stand right beside it so I was able to shoot at around ISO 200. Clean low light shots are the best. I also brought out my prism and we tried it with the different lights around the area.

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