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Neon Valentine

I always love posting something on Valentine's Day. Last year I posted this photo, but for this year I wanted to try something a little different. Luckily, my friends Steffi and Rafa are always game for an adventure so I asked them if they wanted to explore Cubao Expo with me and do a shoot there.

We went around for a bit and took portraits around the area. I've shot with Steffi and Rafa a lot before but I've never had them in one shoot so this was a fun new experience.

There was a security guard who told us that we couldn't shoot there, but it was such a waste of a nice location not to shoot there. I guess in the end we had to be #rebels to get some nice photos.

We then found this cool antique shop that had all sorts of trinkets and memorabilia. If I remember correctly it was called the Uvla Store. They were really cool, they even gave us free bookmarks. We took a couple of photos in the store and then I bought a pack of stickers for Amber.

There's this really lowkey but famous Italian restaurant in the area called Bellini's. We dropped by and gave it a try. They had this cool gimmick that they placed the names of famous people who visited their restaurant on the seats (or at least that's what I think they were going for). They had a neon sign out front so I couldn't resist taking photos.

And for the main event of the night, we dropped by this store that had a really nice pink and blue neon sign inside. When we entered, we pretended to be looking at the clothes they sold, but eventually (with much hesitation) asked if we could take photos. Surprisingly they let us.

You can find the photos in my portraiture book here.

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