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Neon District

There's this area in Makati with a ton of neon signs that I pass regularly when I'm in the area. It's known as the red light district of Makati and I've always seen it as quite the sketch town. But for so long, I've always wondered what it would be like to shoot there with all the neon lights flooding the area with beautiful hues of pinks, blues, reds, and almost any color you can think of.

I recently put up a post on my Instagram story asking if anyone wanted to shoot, and Gabby told me that she wanted to. Since she lived not too far from the Makati area, I thought that maybe we could explore the neon district for our shoot.

We started out in the Salcedo area during the late afternoon sunset time, then eventually moved to the Poblacion area once the sun had gone down. I found that it wasn't as sketchy as I initially imagined because of the numerous establishments such as restaurants and coffeeshops that have opened in the area. The guards around the bars and clubs were also very kind and always were gentle and polite when asking us not to take photos of their establishments.

Overall, I would totally recommend visiting the area if you want to try a neon themed shoot. There's just so many signs and small streets to explore and the night life in the area is always buzzing. Here's the photos that we took, beginning with the Salcedo area shots and ending with the neon. Hope you like them!

You can find the photos in my portraiture book here.

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